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We're not really a staff but just GH fans helping to keep this network afloat!

FacesGH Network Webmistress/Owner:
Maria <> - Website & Fanlisting Design, Website & Webring Maintenance

FacesGH Staffers:
These ladies are in charge of the following areas:
Cassie <> - Message Board, GH News
Jessica <> - Fanlisting Member Maintenance, GH News

FacesGH Staff Assistants:
These ladies are assisting in the following areas:
<> - Gallery, Image Gathering, GH News
Mari <> - Various FL Banners/Codes/Icons, Image Gathering
Stacy <> - Gallery: Lucky & Elizabeth Screencaptures

:: About FacesGH Network ::
     "Faces of General Hospital: A Photo Album" opened on July 21, 1998. A lifelong fan of General Hospital, I always wanted to start a site that could honor the show and help new viewers figure out who everyone was. To do this, I decided to try to make a site that was essentially a virtual tour of Port Charles in the form of a photo album. A photo of each regular character on the GH canvas would be placed in a PC locale in which they regularly appeared. For example, the Drs. Monica & Alan Quartermaine would be located at General Hospital and at Q Manor.
     The second site in the FacesGH family was actually a webring - The Salem-Port Charles Webring - which opened on November 11, 1998 with the help of former co-webring moderator (and college roommate) Anna, a Days of Our Lives fan, hence the reason for the webring's focus.
     The next three sites to open were "Rafe Online" (December 11, 2001), "Rafe & Alison Forever: The Webring" (January 8, 2002) and "Rafe & Alison Forever" (January 11, 2002), honoring sister show Port Charles and its memorable pairing of Rafe Kovich and Alison Barrington.
     With the popularity of the Port Charles rising and the fact that "Faces of General Hospital: A Photo Album" was becoming too big, I decided to spin off the Port Charles section by opening "Port Charles Faces" on August 12, 2002.
      In 2004, I was going through images for upload into the Faces gallery and found myself remembering the remarkable coupling of Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber. I had been in high school during that storyline and they had always been my favorite teen couple. So I decided to finally finish my pet project, which I had gotten distracted from doing because of the other sites - a Lucky & Elizabeth website. "Lucky & Elizabeth: Love of a Lifetime" opened on April 13, 2004, a day after the "Lucky & Elizabeth Forever: The Webring" opened.
     With eight different sites (five with different addresses), it occurred to me that it might be easier to have all the sites together on one the collection of sites became known as the "FacesGH Network," after the original site. The FacesGH Network formally opened on April 19, 2004. 
     I had so much fun joining fanlistings that I created my own collective "ForeverGH" which is home to my fanlistings! I also have a subcollective "Soccer America" which hosts my soccer-related fanlistings.
        So what's next for the Network? Well, all the sites are in the redesign process (I didn't want them to be taken down during so you're seeing the work in progress) and I'm having a blast with new fanlistings. But currently in the works is a tribute site to the incomparable dance couple - Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, tentatively scheduled to open in 2007 (the fanlisting is already open), depending on some stuff and my fanlistings...but they will probably be the last new sites to be added to FacesGH. It's getting hard to manage all the sites, but it's still lotsa fun for me and I hope for all of you, too!