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:: Hostees ::
Ok, they're not really hostees; these are just my sister Mari's fabulous websites and my upcoming Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers' Fansite (i.e. non-General Hospital websites)! Check them out!
Name: By the Blood of Gondor
Type: Fanfiction Archive
Status: Active
Open Since: November 02, 2003
Description: Collection of fanfiction, fanart, screencaptures featuring The Lord of the Rings characters and portrayers.
Name: Chocolate Depths
Type: Fansite
Status: Active
Open Since: February 24, 2005
Description: Orlando Bloom fansite featuring screencaps from The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Troy.
Owner: Mari
  Name: Timeless Elegance
Type: Fansite/Fanlisting
Status: Under Construction
Open Since: TBA
Description: Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers fansite & fanlisting. Coming soon =)
Owner: Maria