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It’s the number one rule of seasoned travelers: Dress like a local, not a tourist. So don’t stress, get dressed. This field guide to fashion in America’s top cities ensures you’ll fit right in, from coast to coast.

Plus: Find out what foreign tourists really think of us.


Find the flight so you can flaunt your fashion here!

Layer up in San Francisco. Go mountain chic in Denver. Keep warm in Chicago. Black will always be the new black in New York. Do barbour jackets and sailboat patterns galore in Boston. Be ready to go from barefoot to Jimmy Choos in Los Angeles. Big hair, big lashes, big boots in Texas. Wear just enough to cover your parts in Miami. Highlighted hair and monogrammed wardrobes for Charlotte, Atlanta and Charleston. Blazer and jeans for a power-hungry motif in Washington D.C.

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Korey Huyler and Ramiro Olmos

Korey Huyler and Ramiro Olmos

Korey Huyler and Ramiro Olmos

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