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We are Americans. We love chatting about anything and everything: Our neighbor’s new pet, a co-worker’s new boyfriend and people from other countries…Germans are so efficient! The French so romantic! The Japanese, so polite!

But what do foreign tourists think of us – our American habits and lifestyle?

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  • Free refills for everyone! Massive portion sizes! All you can eat!
  • Work, work, work, work. All of the time.
  • Cheap fuel for huge cars. Poor public transportation.
  • Too much water in the toilet bowl. Seat is too high. Seat is too low.
  • Thrilling TV shows and Hollywood films. Too much violence. Bad commercials.
  • Driving at 16?! Living on your own at 18?! No nightlife ‘til 21?!
  • Cheap consumer goods, but high sales tax. Crazy tippers.
  • Too sensitive. Too politically correct. The land of diversity, freedom and opportunity, and flags flying everywhere.
  • Friendly and smiley (on the surface). Big horse laughs.

When it comes to dining, speed of life, transit, toilets, TV, patriotism and more, our not-so-terribly-scientific Reddit survey might surprise you!

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Amy Burkhardt and John Geipel

Amy Burkhardt and John Geipel

John is a Milwaukee-based illustrator, while Amy writes for advertising, travel, and automotive clients. When her exact geographic whereabouts are in question, she can easily be found on Twitter @aim4thahardt. .
Amy Burkhardt and John Geipel

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13 thoughts on “Infographic: What do foreign tourists really think of US?”

  1. You listed crazy tipping under spending. Since you are from Milwaukee I’m sure you know that most servers in the US make $2.36 per hour. So 20% tip if everyone gave that would possibly give someone a living wage. Unfortunately if you work at a lower cost restaurant like ihop many of the clientele leave nothing or very little. And servers pay the busperson out of there tips. And if its a place with a bar the server also has to give a portion of tips to bartender. So crazy tipping is really just hopefully making up for a ridiculously LOW wage.

    1. The solution is simple. They can get enough experience, go to trade school and then find a better-paying job. That’s the American way!

    2. Tipping is frowned upon in other countries where waiters are professional and go to school for it and are paid accordingly to their years of experience. So, yes tipping seems crazy to foreigners especially when your receipt gives the 15%, 20% and 30% option.

    1. This is the tradition/reality of the way the restaurant industry works, the cost of eating out that we are all accustomed to is based on this economic system of wages. So stop being so CHEAP, T Walt, and tip your servers!!

    2. How do you compare someone who works at the electric company who probably makes over the minimum wage to a server at a restaurant? Tell their employer? You’ve got to be kidding me. Even if it’s an imperfect system all restaurants work this way. I feel sorry for whoever has to serve your cheap ass.

  2. Sales tax too high? The US median of between 5-7.5% is nothing compared to the EU’s VAT of 17-20% plus. The problem is, European stores display prices with the VAT already figured in, so folks aren’t as conscious of it. Then again, they have better and free, health care. How is that free-market approach to health care working for us?

    1. I lived in Germany for six years. Medical is not free! The people pay 50%+ in taxes. Every month you can rome the streets and get free items off the sidewalks that the people sit outside for free. Why you ask, because they have to pay taxes on everything in the house. If they buy a new TV, you guessed it, they pay taxes on both TV’s. This is why they set the old one on the street to give away. And yes, there grantinuity is on the menu and you will pay it.

  3. I visited USA four times and I loved it. Beautiful landscapes and happy people. But what are those electric lines and cables in the middle of busy city centres? It was so strange to me 🙂

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