About the Orbitz Travel Blog

About the Orbitz Travel Blog

The Orbitz blog is the place to be for travel inspiration, insider tips, and handy advice to help you travel your way, just as you are. Our team of writers, bloggers, and influencers from around the globe happily share their experiences, knowledge, and even some of their secret spots to help you plan trips around your interests and passions—trips as unique as you.

Travel as you are

Diverse experiences are what make travel so rewarding. As a travel brand, Orbitz has long celebrated equality and inclusion: From early LGBTQIA television ads to supporting progressive charities, we’ve been there. And we’re now as committed as ever to bringing people of all walks of life together to celebrate who you are and where you’re going. We’re working toward creating a more welcoming world where everyone can travel with total confidence and boundless enjoyment.

Could you be one of us?

Do you love travel as much as we do? If you’re an experienced travel writer who would like to contribute to the Orbitz Travel Blog, please reach out and include a few samples of your work, as well as any article ideas you might have. BIPOC, LGBTQ and people with disabilities are especially encouraged to get in touch. Fantastic editors and equal pay are guaranteed!

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Meet the Editors

Jason Heidemann

An industry pro with more than 20 years of experience, Jason is a Los Angeles-based writer and cultural reporter who wrote his first travel piece in 2001. Since that time, he has visited six continents and shared his journeys via numerous co-authored guidebooks and hundreds of travel stories and essays. COVID cancelled his plans for an epic Eastern European rail journey. He will get there yet.

Martina Sheehan

Martina is a travel writer and editor who’s contributed to the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Budget Travel, Forbes Travel Guides and Time Out Chicago, among others. When she’s not busy rounding out her collection of tiki ephemera, you’ll find her and the fam exploring their hometown of Chicago, or making the most of their national residencies in Cuba, Germany or Ireland. She’s visited 40 countries and will finish off the other 153 as soon as quarantine’s over.

Monica Pedraja
Photo Editor

Born in Manila, raised in the suburbs of Chicago and redefined in London, Monica is endlessly curious about culture. With backgrounds in fine art photography and photojournalism, she weaves inspiring imagery with impactful storytelling. When she’s not looking at photos, she’s probably lamenting over yet another cake disguised as food. If she could live anywhere, it would be Barcelona—even though she’s currently learning Italian.