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If you’re seeking an afternoon or two of idyllic undressed freedom, be it a nude beach, a topless pool or a hike in the buff, it’s a lot easier to find than you may imagine: To varying degrees, there’s a place in every single state in the US where you can satisfy your inner exhibitionist, naturist or occasional desire to hang out in nothing but your birthday suit. Here are the best places to bare all in every state.

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Yup, the Deep South is pretty conservative when it comes to nudity. But, if you’re looking to get nekkid, there are several nudist resorts and campgrounds scattered throughout the state. Daytrippers should check out Gymo-Vita Park, a clothing-optional space east of Birmingham (for families and couples only), featuring a lodge, pool and more than 110 acres of trails for in-the-buff hiking.


Public nudity is illegal in Alaska. That said, nude hiking in a state this vast and underpopulated has become a trend. McKinley Park offers a huge swaths of secluded terrain that’s accessible via a backcountry hiking permit (just try to stay out of the eye of other campgrounds). Surprisingly, Alaska is known for its mosquitos, so you’ll want to remember to bring that repellent.

Tanque Verde Falls


It should be a no-brainer to go naked in a state where it’s above 100 degrees much of the time. Head to Tanque Verde Falls about 45 minutes east of Tucson. A lovely hike reveals a water-filled oasis of sorts that’s long been popular with nude sunbathers.


The town of Hot Springs in central Arkansas is famous for its—you guessed it—naturally heated springs. So called “Bathhouse Row” features a string of historic communal bathhouses dating back to the ’20s. Check out legendary Buckstaff Bathhouse, where you’ll be naked the whole time with facilities segregated by gender.

Black’s Beach


Turning your buns golden brown in the Golden State is easy. Clothing-optional resorts, hot springs and beaches are plentiful. The Bay Area is a magnet for the uninhibited (think Baker and Marshall beaches in San Francisco and Bonny Doon Beach in Santa Cruz), but the king of nude beaches is surely Blacks Beach near San Diego. Expect hundreds—if not thousands—of naked folks on hot weekends, and sections for both gay and straight sunbathers.


As soon as nightfall hits, family-friendly (at least in the daytime) Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs turns clothing-optional. Is there a better way to enjoy Colorado’s beauty than going au naturel?

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Solair Recreation League in Woodstock is located on 360-acres within the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, and considered one of the oldest continually operating nudist facilities in the US (dating back to 1934). There’s a solar-heated swimming pool, children’s playground and game room, sandy beach, free Wi-Fi, café, pavilion with live music and weekend socials, tennis courts, hiking trails and a community center that organizes daily recreational activities.


For a tiny state, Delaware sure does boast some amazing coastline and enviable beaches. Too bad you can’t strip down at them. But breezy, tolerant and beloved coastal town Rehoboth Beach does boast the Shore Inn, a charming 13-room motel featuring a clothing-optional whirlpool and nude sunbathing. But it’s truly not for everyone. The Shore Inn is just for gay men.


Considering its more than 1,300 miles of coastline, the Sunshine State doesn’t offer as many places to strip down as you might think. Having said that, in addition to places like Apollo Beach within Canaveral National Seashore and several unofficial nude beaches scattered throughout the state, there is excellent Haulover Beach in North Miami, where on hot weekends up to several thousand nude beachgoers will get their booties spanked by the Florida sun.


About an hour northeast of Atlanta, Deluth’s Jeju Spa and Sauna is worth visiting, whether or not you are ready for a strip down. The massive Korean spa is full of nudity, brightly-lit at that, and the $25 entry fee will get you full access to this two-level, 34,000-square-foot facility with steam rooms, hot saunas, whirlpool, a freezing-cold pool and massage therapy.

LIttle Beach


It’s easier to hang 10 than it is to let it all hang out in the Aloha State. That said, Kahena Beach on the windward side of the Big Island is a bumping nude beach with a hippie vibe. But the real nudist gem of Hawaii is Little Beach in Maui which attracts hundreds of naked sunbathers and boasts celebrated drum jams every Sunday.


Smack in the center of the state lies Clearwater National Forest which is beloved for its warm water pools, including Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. Accessible via a 1.3-mile hike, the springs are secluded, known to be clothing optional—and quite popular.


King Spa in Niles (right outside of Chicago) is a lovely Korean spa, with a variety of hot and cold baths that are segregated by gender.  Nudity is mandatory here: You get a uniform to wear in communal areas such as the full-service restaurant, movie theater, saunas and a salt room, while the spa area includes mineral baths and a massage parlor.


Why suffer Chicago’s crowded beaches when you can wander around in the buff at Lake O’ the Woods Club, a family-oriented naturist community about an hour east of the city. Day passes for non-members are $40 and activities include paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, volleyball and, of course, naked ping-pong.


Bare Butt Hill is a gay-oriented, nude-friendly beach in North Liberty, a rural area between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, but discretion is the name of the game with this spot—Iowa in general is not a nudity-friendly state.



Prairie Haven in Scranton (23 miles south of state capital Topeka) is a family-friendly and seasonal (April through October) nudist park with camping, swimming, a gazebo hot tub, hiking trail and lots of group sports options.


One weekend a year, Louisville has its own clothing-optional resort via HedoFest, with camping, bonfires, DJs, and so much more. The action happens at Stag Club which is technically on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, but most lodging options are in Kentucky.

Green House Inn


It goes without saying that it’s quite common for revelers in N’Awlins to flash their privates on Bourbon Street in exchange for cheap beads. But a better option is to go the full monty at the Green House Inn, a Garden District charmer boasting a European attitude toward nudity (i.e. the outdoor pool and hot tub are both clothing optional).


Like Alaska, the Pine Street State is woodsy and largely rural which means that although nudity is forbidden, people do strip down discreetly. The unfortunately named Frenchmen’s Hole (nearish to the New Hampshire border) is a popular swimming spot featuring a lower pool that is clothing optional.


Maryland has been called the Free State, but that doesn’t mean free to strip down at one of its many beaches. Instead, head to suburban Baltimore for an au naturel soak and a scrub at Seoul Spa USA, a Korean bathhouse where you’ll find gender-segregated locker areas with hot soaking tubs and pro masseurs to give you a rub down.


Martha’s Vineyard is very open to clothing-optional exploration, with Moshup Beach in Aquinnah, Lucy Vincent Beach in Chilmark, and MVBoat, which offers private charter trips on which nudity is permitted. Lucy Vincent is our favorite.


The Wolverine State has more coastline than any other in the lower 48, but none of it is nudist friendly. Instead, head to the Schvitz, a legendary Jewish bathhouse-turned swingers club in Detroit that underwent renovation in 2017 and is now a high-end, communal bathhouse where guests relax and unwind in the buff. The Schvitz is gender segregated by day, except on Sunday and Monday evenings when swimsuits are required.


Two Creeks Campground,  an hour north of the Twin Cities, offers clothing-optional camping. Another option north of the cities is Avatan Family Nudist Campground, Minnesota’s largest nudist club. Membership is not required, and it’s open from May through early fall, offering secluded grounds with hiking trails, an outdoor pool, whirlpool, sauna and playground. It’s also pet-friendly.


Ship Island represents two of Mississippi’s barrier islands (Hurricane Camille in 1969 split it into West Ship Island and East Ship Island), about 12 miles south of the mainland. The east end of West Ship Island is a popular nudist beach.


Cactus Canyon Campground in Ava, claims to be the largest adults-only clothing-optional campground for men (21 and over and primarily gay) in the world. While we can’t say for sure, it does offer plenty of fun with its pool, hot tub, sauna, creek swimming, hiking trails and sports like volleyball and bocce ball. Bonus: It’s dog friendly (they’re allowed to be nude too, of course).


There’s no federal law prohibiting nudity within national parks. That doesn’t mean it’s legal, of course, but if you pick an off-the-beaten path hiking trail within jaw-dropping Glacier National Park (just imagine the Insta ops!), we certainly won’t tell anybody. Be mindful of rangers, other hikers and bears, of course.

Secret Cove


Where does one shed their corn husks in the Cornhusker State? To be honest, Nebraska doesn’t take kindly to public nudity. Having said that, we’ve heard whispers of nude recreation near Omaha at a place called Cornhusker Recreation Club. We’re not really sure it’s a thing, but if it is please let us know!


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Resorts like W Las Vegas, the Mirage and Mandalay Bay offer “toptional,” adults-only sunbathing and clothing is optional at Burning Man. Even better, the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe  offers several nude beaches, including phenomenal Secret Cove. Just know that it’s not so secret!

New Hampshire

Cedar Waters Village in Nottingham, about 35 minutes west of Portsmouth, offers 350 acres of secluded wooded, private land as well hiking trails specifically aimed at families and opposite-sex couples. A nudist park since the ’50s, it offers a private beach and lake, clubhouse, activities, on-site restaurant, sauna, hot tubs, showers and more.

New Jersey

Gunnison Beach is part of a string of beaches at Sandy Hook (which is a National Park, by the way) and is famous for allowing nude sunbathing. The beach is packed bum to bum on hot summer weekends and the views (of the NYC skyline, that is) are priceless.

New Mexico

In Santa Fe, check out Ten Thousand Waves Spa. This Japanese bathhouse has modeled its bathing experience after the great hot springs “onsen” of Japan. It offers a unique “Japanese-adobe” aesthetic, combining the traditional with state-of-the-art technology. All baths are clothing optional except the Grand Bath.

Outdoor showers at Arlo Soho

New York

Arlo SoHo has terrace rooms with outdoor showers overlooking the surrounding neighborhoods. Definitely for exhibitionist travelers, the showers offer unparalleled views of downtown Manhattan. Arlo SoHo is the only hotel in the city with an entire room category featuring outdoor showers. Risque travelers will love them.

North Dakota

There’s no federal law prohibiting nudity within National Parks. That doesn’t mean it’s legal, of course, but if you pick an off-the-beaten path hiking trail within Theodore Roosevelt National Park, your secret will be safe with us. Be mindful of rangers, other hikers and small predators. And if you’re longing for some like-minded company, time your hike to National Hike Naked Day on June 21.

North Carolina

The Tar Heel State is full of beaches, but you have to read between the tan lines to find a nude one. Your best bet is to head to Ocracoke Island, a 14-mile strand on the Outer Banks boasting a boho vibe. Off-roaders have been known to pull onto the sand at Ramp 67 and strip down, but cover up as rangers who patrol the area may not be so willing to to turn the other cheek (get it?).


Comfortable in your own (bare) skin? Then you’ll feel right at om at the Dharma House in Columbus. The healing arts center regularly offers candlelight nude yoga classes, where the focus is on “knowing, accepting and loving yourself,” the idea being that growth only comes when you move beyond your comfort zone.


If it’s August in Osage County (or any other Oklahoma county for that matter), you’ll likely find area naturists craving some sun on their buns. They can satisfy that want at Oak Lake Trails, a charter member of the American Association of Nude Recreation. This  family-oriented nudist campground offers day rates (first visit is free!) that give you access to the swimming pool, clubhouse, hot tub, hiking trails and, of course, dining at Bare Buns Bistro.


Ten miles northwest of downtown Portland lies Sauvie Island, featuring 26,000 bucolic acres of land devoted primarily to farming and natural wildlife. Collins Beach is one of two official nude beaches in the state and located right on the sandy banks of the Columbia River. On hot weekends, expect hundreds of users.


Freedom truly reigns in the City of Brotherly Love which every September hosts the Philly Naked Bike Ride to promote conscious fuel consumption, body positivity and cycling and is part of the World Naked Bike Ride movement. You can choose to wear undies if you like, or even better, strip down and get covered in body paint!

Rhode Island

Both Black Rock Beach and Mohegan Bluff Beach on Block Island allow nudity. Black Rock, set below dramatic cliffs, is also a great surfing spot, though you’ll probably want to don a wet suit for that.

South Carolina

Every April, the Cedar Creek Resort in Leesville hosts its annual clothing-optional Bare at the Creek Run & Walk, open to all open-minded participants over the age of 21. Sign up for the event that takes runners through wooded trails and you’ll enjoy yoga beforehand, and a dinner and wine social afterward.

South Dakota

In the Mount Rushmore State, public nudity is only illegal in the presence of someone “who will be annoyed, offended, or alarmed by the person’s act.” The workaround? Find a place where there is no one to annoy, offend or alarm, such as some of the Badlands‘ less popular trails. And remember, if you time your date with nature to National Hike Naked Day on June 21, you might find yourself in like minded company.


Be prepared to bare all at Rock Haven Lodge, a family-friendly nudist park on the outskirts of Murfreesboro (about an hour southeast of Nashville) where clothing isn’t an option. The park features a swimming pool and hot tub, plus plenty of open spaces for hiking and walks. Bonus: Rock Haven features a ton of events like a homemade ice cream contest and pig roast (just make sure you keep your privates away from the flames!).


Barton Springs Pool


Barton Springs Pool in Austin is top-free, but the real gem of the Lone Star State is legendary Hippie Hollow Park, located on the shore of massive Lake Travis just northwest of the city. There is no beach, but rather huge slabs of flat rocks and boulders where you might find hundreds of nude sunbathers on hot days.


Utah is not clothing-optional friendly, however Diamond Fork Hot Springs, about 75 minutes southwest of Salt Lake City, is a picturesque hot spring and waterfall surrounded by large boulders and verdant forest. It is well known that folks here strip down later in the evening.


The Punchbowl on the Mad River between the intersection of Vermont Route 17 in Warren is a privately owned nude swimming hole. It’s perfectly legal and open to anyone. The Mad River Valley chamber even mentions it on their website!


Strip down 25 miles west of the nation’s capital at Spa World, a Korean-style bathhouse in Centreville that requires all visitors be nude to access its sauna and hot tubs. Relax, the facilities are separated by gender, but there is a clothed co-ed section featuring treatment rooms and a cafe too.


Free of anti-nudity laws, there are a couple teensy clothing-optional spots in Seattle, including Howell and Denny-Blaine parks, but 30 minutes east of the city in Issaquah is family-friendly Tiger Mountain Nudist Park (aka Fraternity Snoqualmie) which is open to families, singles and couples regardless of sexual orientation and features cheeky (pun intended!) events like the Bare Buns Fun Run and plenty of swimming, sunbathing, volleyball and picnicking.

West Virginia

When it comes to clothing-optional resorts, you often have to choose between high-end Caribbean properties or way-too-rustic campgrounds. Dog-friendly nudist haven Avalon Resort in Paw Paw offers something comfortably in the middle—beautiful mountain vistas included. A day pass gives you access to secluded wooded hiking trails, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, a bar, tennis, sand volleyball and pickleball (it’s nothing dirty, we swear).


If you’re someone who likes to get naked to feel closer to nature, then the Toadally Natural Garden resort in Harding is for you. The Wisconsin farm retreat, which is just 45 minutes northwest of Milwaukee, offers day passes to come enjoy community gardening, sunbathing, hiking, sand volleyball, swimming and fishing.


Take a rejuvenating soak in the mineral springs at Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, where you’ll be surrounded by nature. The park’s free bath house offers private, clothing optional tubs where you can soak for 20 minute intervals, plus have the chance to spot wildlife such as herds of roaming buffalo and marvel at stunning natural features like the Rainbow Terrace, a series of mineral terraces created from the flow of the hot springs.

Public nudity laws vary across state and county lines. Some nude beaches are completely legal while others are technically illegal, but not enforced. In some cases, you might be subject to a fine. Please check local city and county websites and visit (the American Association for Nude Recreation) for further information.
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Aly Walansky
Aly Walansky is a NY-based lifestyles writer.

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  1. missed a few in pa. too. White thorn lodge,sunnyrest and Beechwood.also private swim parties at a penn hills swim club on select Saturday’s Sept. Through April.

  2. The Punchbowl in Warren Vermont is closed due to COVID and it’s not clear whether the landowner plans to resume allowing nude swimming which is a major bummer.
    An alternative is the Huntington Gorge in Richmond Vermont. This is a beautiful mountain gorge with deep cold clear pools for swimming and jumping. The nude area is a mile or so downstream from the main gorge pools. Take Rt 2 east thru the town of Richmond to Jonesville. Turn right on Cochran Rd and follow it over the Huntington River. Take your next left on Dugway Road for about a half mile. Look for an A Frame house on the right and a guardrail on the left. There’s a gentle sloping trail before the guardrail down to the river. From the trail you can overlook the river to scope out an unoccupied pool. Clothed bathers may be present. Just be respectful and move on to an unoccupied pool or one with some bare butts who will share their swimming spot.

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