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Think of all the things you’d talk about if you went to a place where weather was never the topic of conversation.

SanDiego beach_shutterstock_150031349

San Diego

San Diego

Let’s get this one out of the way. San Diego is the textbook example of beautiful year-round climate. It’s never too hot and never too cold, with a very minimal amount of that pesky California fog to get in the way—when it does roll in, it burns off pretty quickly in the morning. Winters average at 57° F, summers at 72° F—72° F, people! If ever there was a perfect temperature, that’s the magic number. The people of San Diego have adopted a sunny attitude to match, as well as a fierce affinity for being active. Isn’t it crazy what a little good weather can do to a person?

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Málaga, Spain

Not a lot of people know about this little Spanish doubloon, and isn’t that awesome? Nothing spoils beautiful weather faster than a flock of tourists. It sits right on the Mediterranean coast and it’s got one of the warmest winters of any European city. With such whimsical weather, think of all the tapas you could eat, think of the gardens you could stroll, think of the open-air markets you could peruse! Oh, the possibilities.

Málaga, Spain

Málaga, Spain


Canary Islands

Spain really has this whole weather thing figured out. The Spanish-owned archipelago off the coast of Morocco is one sweet slice of sunshine. The Canary Islands are close enough to the equator to always be warm, but have the benefit of the sea and trade winds to keep things moderate. The natural scenery is something prehistoric. You’ll half expect a wrestling T-rex and King Kong to come tumbling out of the giant peaks, lush woodlands, and deserty Mars-like scape. Oh, they also have amazing beaches.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands

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Sydney, Australia

This little sheila gets an average of 340 days of sunshine per year. Ifyou live in the Midwest or Northeast, that sentence probably made you sad. Cheer up, mate. Sydney will make you forget all your troubles. March through November (spring, winter and fall to them) are the best months to be Down Under. A Sydney summer will run you the risk of experiencing a drought or heat wave, but as long as you hang by the beach or another form of watering hole, you’ll be in good shape. Luckily their climate is mostly dry, so even if it’s hot, there’s no humidity.




Loja, Ecuador

Ecuador is a magical place where there’s no such thing as daylight savings time. It’s literally named after the equator, which is the sunniest latitude on the planet. Loja temperature averages in the 70s all year round, and it’s also considered the music capital of Ecuador. What better muse than the sun?

Loja, Ecuador

Loja, Ecuador


El Paso, Texas

You probably know it because of the salsa, and how do you think they get such high quality salsa vegetables? Sunshine! El Paso has dry heat and just enough rainfall to keep the plants happy. Much like San Diego, El Paso is an outdoor playground. You can climb rocks in Hueco Tanks State Park or cycle through Franklin Mountains State Park—the largest urban state park.


El Paso

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Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is the United State’s own little slice of paradise (think 78-80 temps across the islands in winter), but many a honeymooner has been met with rain instead of sunshine. Hawaii has a wet season and a lot of different microclimates that can play a part in the weather fluxes. Oahu’s  south and southwest is reliably clear and sunny; for Maui best bets try northwest of Kahului.




Nice, France

It’s nice. Really nice. A distant coastline neighbor of Málaga, this Mediterranean sea star is just as sunny. Walk or bike along the palm-peppered promenade des Anglais during a sunset and you’ll think you’re in California. The smell of French bread and wine will bring you right back, though.

Nice, France

Nice, France

Experience your own picture-perfect weather here!

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Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie is a Chicago-based travel and entertainment writer. Sprouting from Columbus, Ohio, she spent two years in New York City sharpening her wit with improv comedy and mastering the blank subway stare. She keeps her figure with a steady diet of travel and tacos.

30 thoughts on “8 places with picture-perfect weather”

    1. I lived in several of these towns . My skin and my hair became dry. I couldn’t sleep due to the longer sunnier days. It was loud ,crowded, expensive due to everyone wants to move there. I moved back to Michigan. The beautiful, affordable, quiet,peaceful., I happily stay put now.

  1. Spent President’s Day Week in Tennerife in Feb 2005 — nice place, but as cold as I have ever been in my life! No heat in the condo — had to boil water, run the shower, and keep the hairdryer on in the bedroom to survive. Days were better, but pools like ice. If you go in winter, take a portable heater with you.

  2. Sydney has beautiful weather (except for its hot, wet summers) but when it’s hot, it’s humid. I don’t know why you said it was dry heat? I’d live there but for the humidity.

  3. El Paso is my home. As a displaced Floridian, I am a bona fide El Pasoan. The weather and climate are PERFECT as it gets.

    1. Except when the wind is howling, like the last time I was there. Or when cold fronts move in from the north. Or when it’s roasting. Or when…

  4. Sin duda son los mejores lugares en donde el agua es trasparente y realmente bella, sin embargo quería invitarlos a que conocieran los Departamentos de lujo en Cancun en Cancún , pues son realmente bellos. Si van a México deberían conocerlos, pues no se van a arrepentir. Sin más comentarios quería dejarles un grato saludo y por brindar por muchas aventuras más en el mundo.

  5. Well I’m from Minnesota. 30 below in winter not counting windchill. 80 plus degrees in the short summer months with at times 100% humidity. I would love to even visit anyone of those places.

    1. Me too, norma! I live in MN too! There are about 4 weeks out of the year that are perfect, but the rest is rough 🙁

  6. Well– regardless of the fact that I truly feel God has yet to send me a BOAZ!!, as I’m now living my second life finally.., I will be a NY’er till the day I die! Having moved to CA at 15, that horrific COLD, which many are not aware of, literally killed me esp after having caused my FMS, which I don’t wish on my worse enemy….

    I’ve been to my roots of Colombia, S.A., which is absolutely precious, and 16 of the 50 states on our East Coast loving every bit of it! This humidity here is terrible, but above all, must say, that we’ve been very Blessed to escape the majority of the Hurricanes; So in conclusion, I’ll either wind up back in my City that never sleeps, or in the Capital of ‘La Salsa!’ And if anyone ever plans on going to Colombia— plan and pack— cuz you’ll never come back! ‘Y QUE VIVA COLOMBIA!’

    1. Yeah until the Communists want what you have and shoot you and take it after all isn’t that the way all fascists work so if you can avoid the government it’s a great place to live…

      DUCK !

  7. I travelled the USA looking for a new place to live. Been in WI for most of my life. Wanted to get away from da cold winters.
    Even when it’s cold, there’s humidity. (It doesn’t have to be hot for moisture to be in da air). In the summer the humidity is air you can wear.
    I’m still looking. Been to San Diego-nice but don’t wanna live there either.

    1. My family at least a big piece of it settled originally in San Diego during the early 1900s.

      It was beautiful wonderful place and then they threw the borders open and the gangs moved in and the cartels took over and now you can’t live there unless you God bulletproof armor and automatic rifle as long as you keep the government from knowing you have it.

      They text you find you feel and otherwise steal your money any chance they can but if you don’t care about the politics or the people around you being criminals well it’s got nice weather.

  8. I have holidayed in Malaga with wifeybmp and weboth loved the place, great value for the Euro, they are a friendly city lovely harbour with lots of room to walk around people riding bicycles, and skateboardes , with no interference with each other, lots of history, Picaso lived there.

  9. I grew up in San Diego and moved from my home in Laguna Beach several years ago. Laguna had the best weather of southern Calif. Clean air and water and the topography reduced the gloom that descends annoyingly most mornings and afternoons. This is the problem with the Pacific remaining 68-69 in the middle of the heat of summer.

    We now live in southwest Florida right on the Gulf of Mexico – way down at the southern end. Summer Gulf water is 87-87! Sunny mornings and late afternoon we get rain in summer. The world whines about humidity – but if you are a water person – it is flat out awesome!!!

    In the winter – we have the weather S Calif. gets in he summer. Dry, 70-80 and no rain. Any wonder he snowbirds desecnd. This is one of the reasons i prefer summer. Hot, warm water and for the most part – we have restaurants, beaches, roads, theaters and everything else to ourselves. SWFL is awesome and should be on the list! But then again – we get enopugh visitors – go to San Diego instead!!!

    1. I think I would, maybe, choose Big Sur, or, pretty much any southern CA. beach town. I live to surf and hang at the beach, but, 87° water is a little warm for my taste. Plus, you failed to mention the hurricane factor. North Carolina seems appealing, tho I’ve never been. My youngest daughter has, and, says it’s awesome.

      1. Very beautiful…
        it’s also in California
        The socialist Republic of California is no longer a nice place to live.

        I know I’m a native.

  10. We spent a few days in El Paso several years ago, and drove out to a park close to a military base and hiked some. I thought my ears would freeze off, the wind was so cold. We live in Northern Minnesota and didn’t bring ear muffs or hats to Texas!! And usually don’t wear them up here. Did have a warm jacket tho. I am not a winter lover, but that felt colder than many days in the winter in MN.

  11. Green Valley is the place to be 60 days of 100-plus temperatures after that the weather’s perfect people are friendly and it’s an economical place to live

  12. SD does have perfect weather, but the people are far from perfect…..infested with drug addicts now. Used to be a good place many years ago.

    1. I too spent my childhood in San Diego. Coronado to be exact. With La Jolla, Long Beach etc just a short commute away. That was the 70’s. Returned to the area 2 years ago and it was awful. Dirty. Rude people. Always believed it was my true home. Now, I have no idea of where to go. It’s time to retire and to find a comfortable place for my wife and me.

    2. There is no good place to live anywhere in Southern California hopefully they have elected Larry older as the new governor but how long can that last..
      From San Diego to San Francisco there’s nothing but crime drug addicts gangsters illegal immigrants, beggars, vandals and thieves. I KNOW I’M A NATIVE , born in LA … The most beautiful state in the Union was deliberately destroyed by leftist democrats ,because they could…
      Best beaches best mountains best deserts used to have great people and now the place is a wasteland I wouldn’t recommend anybody to live there for a long time and I’m stuck with lamb there anybody want to buy a big piece of mountain top property?

      1. Did I mention the high taxes the incredibly high gasoline prices regulations and fees for everything…

        Yeah I’m a little bitter
        Paradise Lost…
        I ran away to a neighbor and stayed in 2000 just to maintain my freedom.

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