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I’m standing in a pool in Jamaica butt naked and surrounded by a crowd of nearly a hundred people in their birthday suits just like me. “Who wants a shot!?” I hear someone yell. Out of the corner of my eye I see a woman get on top of a tabletop in the water and a line begins to form behind her. Where the heck am I and how did I come to spend a week at a clothing optional hotel in Jamaica for an event called Young Swingers Week (YSW)?

Let’s rewind two days.

“Is this your first time here,” a young Jamaican woman asks as I approach the check-in desk. Nervously, I nod my head yes. “Welcome to Hedonism II! You’re a virgin!”

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It’s my first time traveling to the clothing-optional Hedonism II resort located on Jamaica’s west coast about 1.5 hours from Montego Bay airport and 5 miles north of Negril. After handing me my room key I anxiously walk across the main lobby toward the YSW tables. What am I about to get myself into? I’ve only been to two nude beaches in my life, both of which were secluded and basically empty. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone, but as nervous as I am, I’m filled with excitement.

“Welcome to Young Swingers Week,” says the woman behind the table. After a quick exchange, she asks my name and what color necklace I want to wear. Everyone who is a part of YSW wears colored necklaces as name tags that also identifies what they’re into. “I’ll take a red necklace,” I reply indicating that I’m comfortable swinging with others.

As the woman uses craft-like black and white lettered beads to spell my name I learn she and her husband actually created Young Swingers Week. She talks about how people typically associate swingers with negative societal stigma and being old. She and her husband were active members in the “lifestyle” and saw the need to create a space where couples in their 20s, 30s and 40s could escape to an accepting environment to meet similar couples. Being a journalist, I was allowed to attend as a solo male which otherwise would not have been allowed—couples only.

After the red necklace is around my neck I’m handed a lanyard that has an attached schedule for the week. The schedule is broken down by day and includes activities such as seminars led by Playboy Radio’s Holli and Michael on topics like Swinging 101, Couples Speed Dating and Playroom Etiquette. There are organized activities including naked yoga, pole dancing and bikini contests. Every day there’s a pool party and every night has a different dress-up theme including naughty school girl/boy, fetish, toga and rave. The entire week is extremely organized and designed to offer couples educational opportunities and mostly organized fun.

Hedonism II, which hosts the event annually, is known as a steamy getaway any time of year. The resort is self-described as a lifestyle-friendly, clothing-optional beach resort, and is made up of 280 rooms and suites, six restaurants, six bars, three pools, two beaches, a gym and spa facilities. The property as a whole is well maintained and very clean. Some rooms, like mine, are newly renovated with modern amenities like a glass-walled bathroom and shower while others are somewhat dated with a retro Miami motel vibe. All rooms have mirrors on the ceilings and A/C units. Restaurants include a mix of Jamaican-style buffets, outdoor grills, a Japanese Benihana-like restaurant, a chophouse and Italian cuisine. An all-inclusive resort, there’s pretty much an open bar within walking distance from anywhere for easy access to booze. As a whole, the resort facilities fall somewhere between a mix of both modern and older facilities. Hedo II isn’t a 5-star resort; visitors travel here for the experience.

The most interesting thing I learn about the Hedo II setup is that there are two sections, a “prude” and “nude” side. The prude side—the majority of the resort—includes two pools, a beach, the main dining facilities and rooms. Here, patrons can choose to wear clothing or be naked. Most of the time guests on the prude side are partially, if not fully clothed. Many people have asked me, “Is everyone naked all the time?!” The answer is, no. On the nude side, there’s a beach and pool with a swim-up bar, grill and rooms. Nude-side resort goers must be naked and it’s actually enforced by security guards (who also protect privacy by prohibiting phones and cameras).

During my tour, I ask what the resort looks like when it’s not YSW. I learn that throughout the year there are numerous groups that use Hedo II for their events and vacations. There are weeks designated for “Women and Men At Large,” LGBT groups, “Wild Women Vacations,” tantra groups and more. Hedo II welcomes groups that are sex positive and offers all types of travelers an opportunity to explore themselves, their bodies and fantasies.

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Over my first two days at Young Swingers Week I fall into a routine. I go to the gym in the morning, eat breakfast, attend lectures, mingle with fellow swingers, soak up some sun at the nude beach, party at the nude pool and go out in my theme attire for the night (which are given in advance for packing purposes). I find myself somewhat of an “expendable third wheel.” As an outgoing person, I have no problem making friends, but there’s a clear difference between being a single male versus being a single woman in the swinger community. Most swinging couples are generally looking for other couples or single women to play with, not single men. As I go to sleep on nights one and two, I’m disappointed I haven’t made any physical connections.

So here I am, in the naked pool on day three. After taking my first ever booty shot, I head to the bar, order a drink and walk with a group of new friends to the hot tub on the opposite end.

After hanging for nearly 15 minutes, my eyes scan the surrounding area and then I see them. Immediately I know—that’s the couple. I watch an athletic pair apply sunscreen to each other and head to the bar in the naked pool. I keep an eye on them, leave the hot tub, order a drink from the bar and look for my in.

“So what’s your tattoo?” I ask. He gives me an answer and I toss out a joke. I introduce myself and we engage in some small talk while I notice their red necklaces. I learn that they’re in their late 30s and have been together since their early 20s. After a decade of monogamy, they decided to try swinging and have been active in the lifestyle ever since. I get right to the point. “So what are you guys into?” Couples, single women and single men they reply. Jackpot!

As the three of us continue to talk it feels natural and right. Conversation flows with ease and there’s an unspoken attraction. After a few more drinks, I invite the couple back to my room (having a personal hot tub in a renovated room is high currency at Hedo). As for what happens next, I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Dinner rolls around and I head to the disco with friends for “Rave Night” where we dance to EDM/House music. A half hour later I see my couple. We say hello, mingle and I ask them, “Have you been to the playroom yet?” They respond, “No. Do you want to come with us?”

As a single male, the only way I can get into the playroom is if a couple brings me as their guest. The three of us walk in, disrobe and scope out the scene.

There are two main sections. First, there is a large open air space that during the day serves as the spa facilities which includes lounging areas and hot tubs, but after 10:30pm there are large mattresses on the floor for couples to use. The other area acts more like a 50 Shades of Grey “Red Room” where the walls are literally painted red. There are ropes, cages, a shower, beds and toys. Both rooms are packed tonight. The three of us find an empty area in the spa-side facilities that has a lounge chair and a 3-sided glass wall that feels like viewing windows for us to put on a show…which we do.

Waking up on my last day, I pinch myself. Was it all a dream? As I sit in the front lobby with my suitcase waiting to be shuttled to the airport I’m grinning ear to ear.

The Hedo II (and Young Swingers Week) experience is about so much more than sex. It’s about being accepted for who you are without judgement and having the freedom to explore your fantasies. During my entire stay I am surrounded by open-minded, warm and welcoming strangers who make me feel like I belong. I meet people that were like me and we became fast friends. Regardless of everyone’s story, race, appearance or sexual orientation, YSW at Hedo II offers a place where we feel accepted for who we are. And that is the naked truth.

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