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The current default skin features Nikolas Cassadine & Emily Quartermaine, portrayed by the wonderfully talented Tyler Christopher and Natalia Livingston. Nikolas & Emily's love grew from innocent crush to true love. As Nikolas strives to rebuild his life, Emily's spirit continues to live in his heart.

New Pics Added to Gallery
New pictures added to the General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift Galleries! Also moved various albums to Blast from the Past.
Posted on 23 Jul 2008 by maria
Watch GH and Night Shift Online!
If you're like me and you have class/work all day and don't get SoapNet, you probably scour the web for somewhere to watch GH and Night Shift. Well, I found an awesome site which helps me keep up with the shows.

CaziGirl's YouTube Channel

Just wanted to share! Enjoy!
Posted on 23 Jul 2008 by maria
News Tidbits
Just some exciting casting tidbits...well, I think they're exciting and hopefully you do, too!

Antonio Sabato Jr. will be reprising his GH role as Jagger Cates (::swoon::) on General Hospital: Night Shift which debuts its second season on July 22 on SOAPnet.

Tristan Rogers will be reprising his GH role as Robert Scorpio on General Hospital: Night Shift as well. Update: Tristan Rogers' first airdate is Thursday, August 5.

Genie Francis will be reprising her role as Laura Spencer on General Hospital on August 26

Ilia Volok will be joining General Hospital as a Russian mobster Karpov on July 28.

Finola Hughes and Rick Sprinfield have already returned to the GH canvas as Anna Devane and Noah Drake, respectively.

Jason Cook debuted as Dr. Matt Hunter on June 26th.
Posted on 12 Jul 2008 by jessica
LinkList Temporarily Offline!
The LinkList is currently undergoing a script change from Linkster to Linkationally. The site is active; however, the links are slowly being moved by hand as I check them. Thank you for your patience!
Posted on 30 Jun 2008 by maria

Congratulations to General Hospital for a successful Emmy haul...

Outstanding Drama Series

Outstanding Lead Actor
Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer)

Outstanding Achievement in Casting for a Drama Series
Posted on 20 Jun 2008 by maria
Thanks to the awesome Lunarpages support staff, all the fanlistings and the collective are now error free! Happy joining!
Posted on 19 Feb 2008 by maria
Save the Q's...Save Port Charles
A campaign site to SAVE THE QUARTERMAINES! Exactly what we FacesGH-ers have been saying! Click the link below for more information.

Posted on 18 Feb 2008 by sparkles
Sorry, everybody, there's a problem with the script, but am working to resolve it! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Posted on 29 Jan 2008 by maria
JANUARY NEWS DESK...with Jessica
Hi, everybody! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have a few news bytes for you:

First off...the big one...Sarah Brown Returns to General Hospital!
The original Carly will be returning to Port Charles, but not as Carly. Per her official website, Sarah Brown will be returning to portray Claudia Zacchara, sister of Johnny and daughter of Anthony. She has her character will be on the canvas for at least a year. Source: Sarah Brown Online

Robin Christopher (Skye) will be exiting this Spring.

Kristina Wagner (Felicia) is rumored to be sticking around Port Charles for longer than the reported 5 episodes.

Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) has been put on recurring status.

The character of Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) will be temporarily recast for several days with Gideon Emery.

Anthony Geary (Luke) will off the canvas due to his scheduled vacation.

That's all I have for now. Have fun watching the BCS National Championship Game - not sure who to root for Ohio State or LSU! Tomorrow we crown a national champion!
Posted on 06 Jan 2008 by jessica
More Gallery Updates
New Galleries!
-- Jasper Jacks & Carly Corinthos (Ingo & Laura)
-- Jasper Jacks & Calry Corinthos Wedding Album (Ingo & Laura)
-- Johnny Zacchara & Lulu Spencer (Brandon & Julie)
-- Nikolas Cassadine & Emily Quartermaine (Tyler & Natalia)

Updated Galleries
-- Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn)
-- Bobbie Jones (Jacklyn Zeman)
-- Carly Corinthos #4 (Laura Wright)
-- Cooper Barrett (Jason Gerhardt)
-- Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson)
-- Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst)
-- Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston)
-- Georgie Jones (Lindze Letherman)
-- Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher)
-- Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash)
-- Lucky Spencer #3 (Greg Vaughan)
-- Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)
-- Lulu Spencer (Julie Berman)
-- Mac Scorpio (John J York)
-- Maxie Jones #3 (Kirsten Storms)
-- Michael Corinthos Jr (Dylan Cash)
-- Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher)
-- Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson)
-- Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst)
-- Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough)
-- Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco)

-- Jason Morgan & Elizabeth Spencer (Steve & Rebecca)
-- Jasper Jacks & Alexis Davis (Ingo & Nancy)
-- Lucky & Elizabeth Spencer (Greg & Rebecca)
-- Triangles

-- Corinthos/Davis/Jacks Family
-- Quartermaine Family
Posted on 27 Dec 2007 by maria
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! My present to you - a small gallery update and new skins!

New Skins
Version 5.8 - Emily Quartermaine
Version 5.9 - Georgie Jones (current default)
Version 5.10 - Nikolas & Emily

Moved to Blast from the Past
-- Georgie Jones #5 (Lindze Letherman) ::sniffles::
-- Leticia Juarez #3 (Jessi Morales)

Uploaded Pictures
-- Kate Howard (Megan Ward)
-- Nikolas Cassadine #1 (Tyler Christopher)

New Albums in Faces of General Hospital
-- Anthony Zacchara (Bruce Weitz)
-- Coleman Ratcliffe (Blake Gibbons)
-- David Harper (Jay Pickett)
-- Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash)
-- Mike Corbin (Ron Hale)
-- Russell Ford (Richard Gant)
-- Trevor Lansing (Stephen Macht)
Posted on 26 Dec 2007 by maria
GH News Corner - November Edition
Hi, everyone. Well, November Sweeps has begun with GH pulling out the stops with a Murder Mystery at Wyndemere. Who's gonna survive? Who's the killer? Who does Nikolas see? Who ARE these Zaccharas?! We shall see...THIS NOVEMBER...only on General Hospital, weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SoapNet.

HOT TOPIC: The Writers' Strike
Click here for updates on the Writers' Strike and how it will affect daytime and primetime.

Survivor: General Hospital
Speculation is running rampant that Natalia Livingston (Emily) and/or Lindze Letherman (Georgie) will fall victim to the Wyndemere killer. Others rumored to meet the killer are Cooper, Alfred, Lesley and Amelia.

Natalia Livingston to depart General Hospital [ Soap Opera Digest ]
Soap Opera Digest is confirming that Natalia Livingston (Emily) is leaving which means another Q is off the canvas. THESE WRITERS ARE CRAZY?! The Q's are one of the best parts of GH and their numbers are certainly dwindling.

Port Charles Alum Jay Pickett (ex-Frank Scanlon) joins GH in recurring capacity. [ GHH ]
Will he interact with Scotty? And will Scotty do a double take and wonder who he reminds him of (FYI: Pickett's Frank was engaged to Scott's daughter Karen Wexler prior to her death). Hmmm, we should find out how the other PC alums are doing.

Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) is now on contract. [ SoapZone ]

My Own Personal Thoughts
I haven't done my update in awhile so please excuse my late comments but who else thinks Cody (Graham Shields) is awesome! I'd really like to see him more on GH. On the other hand, I've had my fill of Leyla - PLEASE NO MORE! And where's Regina? And can we have another Girls' Night Out (with Em, Elizabeth, Robin, Kelly, Lainey...please do NOT try to put Leyla in there unless it's so the girls can gang up and slap her upside the head). And I'll put it out there - I don't like this Crazy Nik thing - can Nik & Em just be happy?! They've already had so much thrown at them! I wanted that happy ending for them! =(
Posted on 06 Nov 2007 by cassie
GH News Corner
Sorry for the delay at the NewsDesk!

GH Stars Nailed for DUIs
In the "let's do something not smart" news, Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Sean Kanan (ex-AJ) were both booked for DUIs this month in separate incidents. This is just the latest in a string of celebrity DUI charges - what is this? A horrible trend? Well, let's hope it's one that's OVER.
[ SoapCentral ]

Contract News

Natalia Livingston (Emily) and Kelly Monaco (Sam) re-sign with GH! [SoapCentral] [ABC Soap Watch ]

Annie Wersching (Amelia) leaves GH. [ SoapCentral ]

Hill Street Blues's joins new GH baddie Anthony Zacharra. [ ABC Soap Watch ]

Night Shift's Nazanin Boniadi (Leyla) joins GH. [ SoapZone ]

In related news, Night Shift's Amanda Baker (Jolene) is joining All My Children as the recast Babe Chandler. [ SoapCentral ]

I think that's everything...all I'll say is, I'm glad Natalia is staying - who doesn't love the Qs; if they can redeem Sam, I'll be fine with Kelly staying, too. As for the Leyla character, I disliked her on Night Shift so I doubt I'll like her on GH...especially since she's interfering with Robin & Patrick. GRRRRRR. And in other musings, I really like Jason/Robin's interaction on NS. Let's hope it carries over to GH more. And I like the docs on NS - can they come over, too?

Until next time smile
Posted on 19 Sep 2007 by jessica
Site Update: Lucky & Liz - Love of a Lifetime
Even though the writers have absolutely trashed this beloved couple, I still like to remember the way they were...before their characters were turned upside down and ruined angry I've just done a small update - added the actor bios - but more is coming...after I get done with finals!
Posted on 30 Jul 2007 by maria
Gallery Update! GH Night Shift Section Added
Hey, everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates - school is well, going. smile But I did want to get the Night Shift section up and it is! Right now, it's mostly just promo pics from the official site but I'm working on getting some pics of the non-regular GHers to add to the gallery! So don't forget General Hospital: Night Shift premieres this Thursday, July 12 at 11p on Soapnet. Click here to go to the gallery! Click below to go to the official GH: Night Shift site! I also uploaded some GH cast member pics as well!

OT: Did anyone else get teary during Scott Clifton (Dillon)'s final scenes today? I really enjoyed his portrayal of Dillon - he will be missed...and honestly, those scenes just highlight how big of a part the Qs are on GH. ::sigh:: Stop getting rid of the Qs! Bring them back!

Also, did you see that Adrianne Leon (ex-Brook Lynn) was let go from Young & the Restless? And they did mention Brook today...maybe she can come back? And maybe Dillon won't stay away too long...we need the next generation of Qs - Jason, Skye, Ned can't hold it down forever!
Posted on 09 Jul 2007 by maria
Daytime Emmy Roundup!
Outstanding Daytime Drama...a TIE!

A Soap Legend FINALLY wins an Emmy!

ATWT, GH and Y&R; Split the Acting Emmys!

Surprise Wins in the Younger Actor/Actress Categories!

Bob Barker Nets An Emmy

Update: John Ingle OK
Posted on 16 Jun 2007 by cassie
From the GH News Desk...and Webring Membership Drive
Hi, everybody! I only have a few stories to share for this update.

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) Re-Signs with GH

Wally Kurth (Ned Ashton) Recurring this Summer

Daytime Emmys this weekend!

I'll be updating after the Emmys with commentary & full-list of winners!

That's all for me! Signing off until this weekend!

Webring Membership Drive!
Just an excerpt from a previous post!

If you have a GH- or Port Charles-related website, please consider joining on of the webrings! Ring descriptions can be found in the Websites & Webrings section smile

Posted on 11 Jun 2007 by cassie
GH News Update
Your monthly dose of GH News...with Cassie, Jessica, Jen and Maria. It's like The View without the drama! For those of you wondering how this works, each month one person is in charge of posting GH News (and providing optional commentary) and everybody else sends links and such to relevant articles and topics. I slacked a little so this is two weeks late but here goes! BTW, click on full story for additional info and commentary!

Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing)'s TVGuide.com Blog!

Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) appears on the Dancing With The Stars season finale.

Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego Alcazar) on Ghost Whisperer.

Greg Vaughan (Lucky Spencer)'s new addition!

Cast Updates
Scott Clifton (Dillon Quartermaine) exits this summer.

Gianna Crane (Baby Lila Rae Alcazar) leaving in May!

Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) and Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) will be presenters at the Daytime Emmy Awards on June 15th.

Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) goes on summer vacation.

Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) temporarily replaced.

Ted King (Lorenzo Alcazar) leaving GH.

Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jacks) on vacation.

Annie Wersching (Amelia) was temporarily replaced.

General Hospital: Night Shift new cast members announced.
Posted on 27 May 2007 by sparkles
In light of the tragic events that occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, please keep the entire VTech community (immediate and extended) as well as the entire Blacksburg community (immediate and extended) in your thoughts and prayers. May God give them all the strength to get through this tragedy. May God bless all of you.

Virginia Tech has established a memorial fund to assist with the healing process. For more information and to donate to the fund, please visit the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund at http://www.vt.edu/tragedy/memorial_fund.php.
Posted on 17 Apr 2007 by maria
Slight Website Revamp - Lucky & Elizabeth: Love of a Lifetime
Hi, everybody! I just uploaded the slight revamp of my LL2 site. I plan on adding more updates by the end of the month. But in the meantime, have a look around...and pardon the dust.

[A little Maria rant] I was looking at the Love of a Lifetime Special Feature Section - LL2 Wedding @ Wyndemere - and I got a little disappointed that the writers messed up this beautiful couple so much. Now, don't get me wrong, I like Jason & Elizabeth, but Lucky & Elizabeth - I grew up with them; I was in high school when they were in high school. I just wish the writers hadn't done what they did to them, but there's still hope...the writers practically destroyed Nikolas & Emily and I wasn't sure how they'd save them, but they did...so there's always hope for Lucky & Elizabeth...[End rant]
Posted on 14 Apr 2007 by maria
Hi, all! It's been awhile, I know. Anyways, I'm just doing a membership drive for my webrings! So if you have a GH- or Port Charles-related website, please consider joining on of the webrings! Ring descriptions can be found in the Websites & Webrings section smile

Message Board Update
Message Board is currently on hiatus...however, I have a break from school coming up and I'm going to be moving the message board. We've been getting a lot of spam on our current one sad so I've decided to move it back onto the FacesGH webserver. I had originally moved it because the server had run out of room; however, the basic plan at Lunarpages was enhanced to give more space, more databases and a bunch of great features! So I'll be moving the message board back and hopefully we can all get back in touch!

That's it from me! Enjoy Jessica's News Update! I just realized there was a new post!
Posted on 14 Apr 2007 by maria
GH News Update...with JessDaGHFan's Extra Commentary!
OK, I couldn't resist - I'm laughing right now. Here's the gang's GH News Update with my extra commentary (click for full story & my commentary).

Stuart Damon & The Haunting of Tracy Quartermaine-Spencer

General Hospital: Night Shift Cast Announced

Ted King (Lorenzo) leaving GH

Emmy Nominations
Posted on 14 Apr 2007 by jessica
Hi, all. I did a big gallery update in the Couples section. I also divided the Couples section into 2 -- (1) Past Couples and (2) Current, Potential and Storyline-Relevant Past Couples - the latter includes couples Luke & Laura, Scott & Laura, Ric & Elizabeth, Scott & Bobbie whose relationships are still very relevant to the current storyboards.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
Posted on 23 Mar 2007 by maria
LinkList Updated
Hi, everyone - Happy St. Patrick's Day! The LinkList has been updated. I have added a new category - FANFICTION - to the LinkList as we received a few fanfiction link submissions that merited their own category. I used a Link Checker to check the links; however, some broken links may slip through so if you find one, please let us know! Thank you so much. Have a great weekend!
Posted on 17 Mar 2007 by maria
FacesGH Network Downtime
Just wanted to apologize for the downtime, not of the site but for the email server. The site was moved to a new server; however, there was a small glitch in regards to the email. Our host fixed it as soon as it was detected, but it resulted in two days of email outtage. So if you emailed any staffers or had any contact forms returned to you, I apologize not only to you but the staffers as well! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and check out the gallery updates Jen did!
Posted on 15 Feb 2007 by maria
Gallery Update
I did a small gallery update. The following albums were updated: Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon); Alfred (Jack Donner); Colleen McHenry (Amanda Tepe); Cooper Barrett (Jason Gerhardt); Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson); Garrett Floyd (John Bolger); James Craig (Sebastian Roche); Logan (Josh Duhon)
Posted on 09 Feb 2007 by sparkles
Save Stuart Damon Petition / New FacesGH Volunteer
General Hospital really knows how to blow it with its fans. Stuart Damon, the show's second-longest running contract player (after Leslie Charleson) was let go by the show. Show your support for Stuart Damon and sign the Save Stuart Damon Petition located at Go Petition. GH has blundered before in regards to the veteran actors, let's let them know they need to stop - THE VETS ARE WHY WE STARTED WATCHING AND ARE PART OF WHY WE STILL WATCH!

Note: I have re-enabled commenting! I had to block them due to spammers but I decided it would be nice to have feedback from everyone so commenting is back!

Edit: 07 February 2007
FacesGH Network has a new volunteer! OK, there were only two of us before and we both got sidetracked, resulting in the lack of site updates and activity on the mb. Well, another fellow MB-er Jessica, whom MB-posters may know as JessDaGHFan has graciously offered to be in charge of fanlisting member updates. Thanks, Jess!
Posted on 06 Feb 2007 by maria
FacesGH Network TEMPORARY Hiatus
Hi, everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm in medical school and haven't been able to keep up as much as I'd like...so while I get adjusted to this semester's classes and caught up with my studies, the network will be on temporary hiatus. I will be doing maintenance things (adding affiliates, links, members to fanlistings) but nothing really big...for now. I plan to redo some of the subsite layouts hopefully by end February but it depends on school. Thanks for your patience. Please feel free to email with any suggestions or improvements.

Thank you.

FacesGH Webmistress
Posted on 21 Jan 2007 by maria
New Version 5 Skins
In celebration of the return of Genie Francis to General Hospital, I added two new skins featuring Laura.

Version 5.5 - Laura and her Children - Nikolas, Lucky & Lulu
Version 5.6 - Luke & Laura Spencer

I will be adding more, but I wanted to get at least these up in time for her long awaited return!
Posted on 26 Oct 2006 by maria
New Moonlit Dreams subcollective - Soccer America
Since I got approvals for a few soccer listings (and am waiting for approvals for a few others), I decided to make a new subcollective to house them. I also intend to have a list of all American Soccer-related fanlistings - this includes USA and Canada, as well as MLS teams and players. Essentially anything and everything related to soccer in the US and Canada. Check out the subcollective here. It's under major construction so pardon the mess! tongue
Posted on 06 Aug 2006 by maria
New Webring - The Ring of General Hospital
Diana has graciously allowed me to adopt the Ring of General Hospital. YAY! So the FacesGH Network has a new webring!!!
Posted on 19 Jul 2006 by maria
HUGE Gallery Update
I'm FINALLY trying to catch up on uploading all the GH pics I have. Click for full list (will be updated as gallery is updated)
Posted on 01 Jul 2006 by maria
Old News Archive
Archive of FacesGH Network News Pre-Cutenews smile
Posted on 01 Jul 2006 by maria
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